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Learn to swim with practical swim aids

Swim aids for your baby are designed to provide safety of your child and to help them get familiar with water. Getting a matching and suitable swim nappy comes in super handy and prevents little mishaps. These special aids are perfectly suitable for teaching your little one how to swim at an early age. Once you have found the suitable water wings and a suitable swim ring, the next trip to a swimming pool, lake or the sea nearby will be fun for parents and children alike. The continuous learning success of your child will increase this fun in the most playful way.

Inflatable armbands for your baby

Swimming with your baby without them being equipped with proper swim aids is reckless and dangerous. If babies are not sufficiently secured, the risk of a serious swimming accident increases. As a mother or father, you must make sure that your little one is always secured with water wings or a swim ring. In addition to this, you should also use a swim nappy so that your child can feel comfortable in the water. Children being equipped with water wings, swim nappy and swim ring, can splash happily and safely in the water.

Only these aids ensure that your baby’s first attempts at swimming can be made without taking unnecessary risk. An important feature of your little one’s floaties and swim ring is a good fit. The floaties should sit firmly on the arm, without pressing too hard or even hurting your baby. The swim ring must be small enough so that your child does not slip through it accidentally. Always make sure to keep an eye on your child when you are in the water or at the waterside. Protecting and attending children by an adult is necessary to prevent them from drowning. Adult protection is necessary to prevent drowning. However, if you stick to all safety measures, there is nothing standing in the way of undisturbed and safe bathing fun.

Splashing happily in the water while wearing a swim nappy

In most German swimming pools babies are required to wear a swim nappy. As you might have guessed already, this regulation is due to hygienic reasons. Nobody wants excrements to swim around in water. Furthermore, bacteria and germs would spread quickly.

However, the swimming pool is not the only place in which wearing a swim nappy is important. It also turns out to be quite a convenient accessory for lakes, swimming ponds and the sea. It prevents your baby's excretions from spreading in sand and water. Most babies do not defecate in deep waters, that is why you don’t have to worry. Every well-trained swimming instructor will inform you that the water pressure acts like a lock on baby's intestine.

Make sure to use certified swim aids only

We recommend all parents to let their children swim and splash water only when wearing certified water wings and swim rings. Make sure your child’s swim aids are certified with the GS seal (tested safety). If this is the case, you can count on the fact that they are high-quality swim aids which have been tested for safety and thus have been confirmed as safe products. The wide range of swim aids ensures that you will find the right products. Whether you decide to buy water wings or a swim ring for your child depends on their own, individual preferences. Even older children who are not yet able to swim, should wear suitable swim aids that provide optimum buoyancy and safety in water.

For the sake of change, it is good if you offer both products to your child. That way, your little one can splash around today with a swim ring and tomorrow with water wings. If you want to teach your child how to swim, you are on the safe side with high-quality swim aids. Always make sure that you never leave your child unattended, until they know how to swim. Even at this point it is important that you keep an eye on your little one. Usually, young children cannot measure up situations where they are at risk.

Things to know about swim aids:

  • Water wings and swim ring provide safety
  • Pay attention to high-quality products
  • Buy only swim aids with a GS seal (tested safety)
  • Never leave your child unattended while swimming
  • Swim nappies provide necessary hygiene

Other products for your baby

There are inflatable swim cushions you can also use for your child. These cushions, however, are no substitutes for a swim ring and floaties because your baby might be able to hold on to it, but it will not provide any buoyancy in water. In addition to this, your baby won’t be able to do any swimming movements because their arms are on the cushion. Even if your baby is small, they will love to let off steam in water. In order to ensure maximum safety for your child at all times, they must be provided with suitable swim aids. Only after you have equipped your child with a swim nappy, water swings and swim ring, are you ready for your next trip to the swimming pool, lake or the sea and the safe splashing and swimming in water can begin.

Learn to swim safely: Things you need to consider

Swim aids are the ideal solution for all children who want to learn to swim. These aids also allow beginners to safely float and move in water. In order to avoid accidents and injuries, you need to consider the following aspects when buying a swim aid:

  • Products with CE and EN markings: Only these certification marks provide optimum safety for beginners and conform to current EU safety standards and regulations.
  • Product class: Choose a swim aid according to the skills of your child.
  • Maximum weight: Only swim aids that can carry the weight of your child provide enough safety.
  • Processing: In order to make sure that there is no air escaping and that your child doesn’t get injured by sharp edges, you should always check the swim aid’s workmanship as well as its seams.
  • Odour test: Always test the swim aid for unpleasant smells. Products that have a chemical smell should be washed and aired properly before use.
  • No plasticisers: Due to the fact that swim aids come in direct contact with your child’s skin you should make sure to get products that do not contain phthalate and BPA.
  • Safety requirements: Good swim aids feature several separate air chambers as well as a check valve.
  • Treat with care: Rinse products with pure water and dry them after use. Make sure to avoid storing swim aids in heat, cold or in direct sunlight – this way, the material doesn’t brittle and thus, lasts longer.
  • Replace swim aids on a regular basis: For safety purposes, swim aids should be replaced by new ones every two years.

Basically, inflatable armbands, swim rings and the like are available wherever there is water that encourages your little one to splash and play in – such as on holiday, on the beach or in the hotel. However, it is a debatable point whether the swim aids offered in such places really do provide the safety for your child which is required.

Buy swimming aids online on kidsroom.de

Bathing and splashing around with a baby are one of the greatest joys of parenthood. And even the little bundles of joy usually love kicking and moving in water. They enjoy being gently moved back and forth in the warm water by their mum or dad. The swimming aids and swim nappies you can find on kidsroom.de are tested, are of high quality and manufactured without harmful plasticisers. If you are still not sure which product suits you and your child best, we will be happy to help you.

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